Are you investing in yourself?

I never understood what the question meant until this past year. In our society today, we have no problem buying stuff that depreciates as soon as we take it home: cars, shoes, electronics, etc. Yet we hesitate to invest time and money in ourselves?

We invest in things like stocks, homes, commodities, and businesses because we’re told that they’re the best investments. Our college education is another common investment (and an expensive one), but how many of us really take what we learn and apply to the real world?

How often do these investments affect more than just your finances?

How often do these investments lead to deeper personal growth?

I want to offer some ideas for different ways to invest your time and money.


What Are Some Ways You Can Invest In Yourself?

Invest In Your Relationships

Step away from the television set and turn your phone off. When did you last spend quality time with those you care about? Schedule a time to get together with a loved one or simply make a phone call. Go deep. Don’t just talk about the day-to-day. Uncover challenges and emotions. Take a long walk and share your dreams, fears, and the things that matter most.


Invest In Your Health

Aside from relationships, your health should be your next top priority. You’ve got one body, ONE. So make sure you take care of it. Hire a personal trainer to get back into the body you’ve wanted for years. Invest in a nutrition coach or take on a diet that fuels your body for maximum performance. Dedicate more time meditating, journaling, and sleeping to recharge your body and mind.


Invest In Your Development

Get a life coach; a person who holds you accountable and pushes you beyond your comfort zone. They’re not there to hold your hand and reaffirm the things you’ve been doing for the past several years. They’re going to make sure your step into the man you’re MEANT to be – ensuring that you’re playing all out in life.


Invest In Your Curiosity

Road trips, vacations, backpacking trips, or even exploring new areas of your city or town. New adventures add fun, excitement, and sometimes challenges that are necessary for gaining new skills or perspectives. Put yourself in situations where you need to take action and step outside of your comfort zone. Meet new people, eat exotic foods, and discover new terrain and landmarks.


Invest In Your Skills

Public speaking, computer skills, writing, sales. There are so many courses, workshops, and classes that offer skills that can be applied to both your professional life and social life.  Take on something new and challenging to build your value.


Invest In Your Knowledge

Knowledge is power, right? So invest in that power. Read books, attends seminars, learn from mentors, or access stuff from the Internet. There are so many minds who put their time and energy to creating powerful resources. You can start by using the Internet or checking out a book at a local library.


Invest In Your Creativity

Learn a new instrument, take a cooking class, create art – the possibilities are endless. Nurturing some part of your creative side allows you to view problems and solutions in different ways. This taps into parts of our mind that weren’t being utilized.


I hope ONE these 7 investment opportunities stuck out for you. The world keeps telling you to invest in a home or stocks, which are good things to invest in, but don’t forget the value and power that you have to offer. Why not invest in YOU for a change?

I’ll end this post with a Tony Robbins quote:

“If You’re Not Growing You’re Dying”