The men I coach come from all different backgrounds. Some are fresh out of a breakup. Others are looking to get back into dating to start a new, healthy relationship. Some want to find meaning and purpose – to improve self-confidence and to work towards their own personal growth without an unhealthy co-dependence on a friend, family member, or partner. Others want to ignite passion in their careers, relationships, or hobbies.

Growing up as men in a culture as misguided masculinity has lead many of us to lose sight of our own goals, visions, and identities. This has also lead to many of us experiencing unhealthy relationships with our friends, families, partners, and even our own bodies. I want men to have a different understanding of what it means to be a man; a life embracing love, passion, and freedom.

It doesn’t matter where you may be in life’s journey. If you are looking to take on the life challenges that affect many of us as men, then I can help.

What Does It Mean To Be A Strong, Grounded Man?

Embrace Challenge

Take on challenges that you’ve shied away from in the past. Take action and learn from your mistakes and failures. Embrace them! Adversity and challenge only make you stronger.

Experience Freedom

Have freedom from the things that tie you down – a job that you’re not passionate about, toxic relationships that keep you stifled and uncertain, and unproductive habits that prevent you from growing.

Have Certanity

Know what you want in life and go after it without questioning yourself. Have a purpose. Know your values. Set goals. Create a vision. Fully own the decisions you make and the resulting outcomes. 

Be Grounded

Be unwavering and nonreactive – be firm. Be fully present and in the moment. Have a solid foundation deep inside that allows your come from a place of true masculine power. 

Instill Wisdom

Constantly learn and grow in the areas of your health, wealth, and relationships. Learn from books, mentors, and teachers. Constantly strive to build a foundation of knowledge in your arsenal.

Embody Love

Love yourself, the world, and the people in your life with all of your being – from a truly masculine place. Set boundaries for yourself because you love yourself. Cherish and protect those you care about.

“You will either step foward into growth or you will step back into safety.”

– Abraham Maslow

Do you…

  • want to develop your inner masculine; one that embodies love, presence, and freedom?
  • want to build self-confidence?

  • want to be fully present, eliminate negative self-talk, and get out of your own head?

  • want to set boundaries instead of constantly trying to please others?

  • want to improve your dating skills; to embody the true love and care that a partner would desire?

  • feel lost while searching for meaning and purpose?

  • want to improve your dating skills; to embody the true love and care that a partner would desire?

  • want to enhance your romantic life?

  • want to better understand women, femininity, relationships?

  • want to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health?

  • want to improve your focus, motivation, and passion?
  • want to make a change in your life in health, wealth, relationships, or personal development?

Get Someone On Your Team

We’re all at different points in our life journey. If you’re looking to improve yourself and put in the work, then let’s work together!

I want to help you develop a masculine identity that comes from a place of love and abundance. I want to make you a grounded man who is fully certain, confident, and has a purpose in life. I’ll help you set and achieves goals in health, wealth, relationships, and personal growth. You’ll transform into the man you were MEANT to be.

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