When was the last time you had fun? Real fun?

So much fun that you felt like child.

So much fun that you felt carefree.

So much fun that you didn’t care about the perception of others.

So much fun where the only outcome was FUN.

I don’t do this enough. And I know plenty of men who don’t do this enough.

I’ve been so engrained in my personal growth and my business that I sometimes forget the importance of relaxing, letting loose, and having a good time. I was taking my life too seriously. But life is about love. Life is about fun.


A Los Angeles Night Of Live Music

A few nights ago, I decided to indulge in one of my favorite pastimes – live music. I went to a concert at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles with my brother-in-law, sister, and her friend.

In the past, going out would mean hitting up bars with the intention of either finding friends, getting a date, or finding a woman to validate my role as a man.

This recent experience, I decided to go out with the sole intention of having FUN. What did this mean for me? First, it meant going to a concert that I was excited about. The headliner was an east-coast 4-piece called Darlingside. I highly recommend you to check them out if you’re into indie-folk with beautiful harmonies and lush string arrangements.

Second, I had no agenda regarding women. I focused on fun.

This used to be my equation for fun:

Bar + Woman + Sex = Fun

Not the best equation for fun, right?

I learned this mindset wasn’t serving me or anyone that I was engaging with in the world.

Back to the night of the concert. I walked around and approached random people, made observations about the venue, and cracked a ton of jokes that made me laugh. I met over a dozen people. Some people that I met included Lucy, Sarah, Alex, Chris, Irene, and Andrea. It was just a blast.

I went into the evening with no expectations and no agenda. I was just having fun. I enjoyed the performances, had interesting conversations, and danced to the more upbeat songs.


15 Fun Things To Do

Fun means different things to different people. Here are some ideas I wrote for myself to have fun:

  1. Blast your favorite dance or karaoke song and sing/dance your heart out.
  1. Throw down on a 2-on-2 basketball game at a local park or gym.
  1. Explore nature near you: beach, mountain, desert, forest, or even park.
  1. Grab an instrument and write a song.
  1. Grab a friend and explore a part of your city or town that you’ve never explored.
  1. Go to a book store, ask three different people to recommend their favorite book, enjoy the conversation, and take home the one you’re most interested in.
  1. Check out a local concert or live music performance.
  1. Go to a dance club with some friends and dance like nobody is watching.
  1. Grab a friend or a partner and go backpacking or camping for the weekend.
  1. Find an adult group or community that does playground games like capture the flag, tag, or dodgeball.
  1. Look up a fun recipe and get cooking!
  1. Approach 10 strangers and try to make them laugh.
  1. Hit up a local bar trivia night.
  1. Find a stand-up or improv comedy show.
  1. Go skipping…seriously. Try it. It’s more fun that I remember doing it as a kid.


Grab a pen and a sheet of paper and ask yourself:

What are 10 fun things I’d love to do?

Write them down, grab a friend (or go solo), and start doing the things on your list. Start with ONE this week.

Life is too short to not be doing stuff that doesn’t involve love or fun.

So get out there and have some FUN!