Every man should know his values.

Our values guide and inform us if we’re doing the right things and if we’re on the right path. When we’re participating in things that aren’t in alignment with our values, then something feels off. We feel lost, unhappy, out of place.

Maybe you’ve felt out of alignment with your values at some point in your life.

  • You experienced a relationship that didn’t have the LOVE or CONNECTION that you wanted.
  • You had a eating or drinking habit that didn’t prioritize your HEALTH.
  • You had a career or job where you couldn’t be your AUTHENTIC self.

A man who knows his values knows himself.

There’s a part of you that knows that knows your values. But it’s subconscious. It requires deep thought and reflection to uncover what’s there.

But they’ve been guiding you your whole life. You just haven’t realized how and to what extent.

Can you imagine how powerful you’d be if you KNEW what you value in life?

Can you imagine how you’d make decisions?


How To Uncover Your Values

Here are the steps I took to find my values. Be sure to note that values are constantly changing and shifting as you learn more about yourself in the world.

  1. Find a list of values.
  2. Print out a comprehensive list of values.
  3. With the list, a notebook, and pen, go to a place outside of your home where you won’t be disturbed: the park, the beach, the mountains, the forest, the desert, the library, etc.
  4. Turn off your phone and be present for the first 15 minutes. Notice your surroundings. Notice how you’re feeling. If you’d like, meditate.
  5. Look through the list and write down the words from the values list that resonate with you. Don’t do this from your head,but from your heart/gut/intuition/subconscious. Try to narrow the list to the top 10-20 words.
  6. From your list of 10-20 words, write down what each value means to you. Fro example, if one of your values is HEALTH, you could write, “Everything starts with my health. Eating healthy, exercising consistently, sleeping well, and meditating. I perform at my best when I feel my best.” It’s different for every person. Be honest with what the value means to you. Do this for your list of values.
  7. Once you’ve got your list of 10-20 values with what each means to you, take some time to reflect on each one and see which values resonate more. The purpose is to narrow down your list of values to 5-10.
  8. There is never a “final draft” of your values. They’re dynamic, constantly changing. Review them once a week and see if they still feel right. If necessary, change your values. Edit what they mean to you. Ask yourself, “Am I living in alignment with my values?” Ask this question in specific situations or for BIG PICTURE stuff.

What are some of your values?

What are specific ways you want to live out your values?